Our fresh lineup of unique fitness classes for all levels will sculpt your body and revitalize your workout routine! We offer both studio classes and classes that take place on our sugary shores!

Mommy and Me Fitness class!

ZUMBA: Latin-dancing inspired cardio with a fitness punch! This super-fun workout feels more like a party!

CARDIO BARRE : The best ballet- inspired moves for sculpting and defining muscles, plus cardio intervals and stretching complete this transforming workout!

HIIT/CORE: “High Intensity Interval Training” is designed to blast fat and boost performance benefits in less time. Core and strength training rounds out this effective hour!

BUTTS AND GUTS : A mix of strength training and cardio drills with intense focus on sculpting the areas you’ve asked for most: your booty and core!

PLYOMETRICS: Short, bursts of intense cardio intervals crush calories while building strength and agility.

TOTAL BODY SHRED: This weight-lifting/body resistance course is mixed with blasts of cardio to melt fat and target every body part!

POWER TRAINING: A mix of strength and cardio performed in super-sets to really define and sculpt!

THE MARILYN MAKEOVER: This no-impact, no cardio, targeted strength training class tones and define your abs, booty, arms, and legs!

MOMMY & ME FITNESS : Bring your infant or toddler along to this fun and engaging interactive workout that targets your entire body!

BELLY DANCING: Shimmy your way to a new shape in this fun, all-levels class where you’ll learn basic belly dancing moves and work them into performance-worthy routines!